Dentacoin Weekly Updates: July 27 – August 3

Dear Community,

Another week passes by, let’s see the latest highlights! 2432 new users registered on our tools; 9.5 million questions answered on DentaVox; finalizing negotiations with 2 more partners, steady progress on “DentaVox 2.0,” as well as continuing development of Dentacoin wallet application and integrated platform!

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This week DentaVox reached a new milestone with over 9 500 000 million question answered on the platform in less than a year. The symbolic 8 000 000 mark was surpassed quickly by another 1 500 000 questions in only a few days. The Dentacoin team would like to give a special thank you to all respondents for their active contribution in popularizing the platform worldwide.

Also HealthRelations – a german healthcare publication, mentioned Dentacoin as a trendsetter in the digitalization of the dental industry. They proceeded to say that: “Those who do not want to lag behind should take a look at global trends. Important emerging trends can only be recognized if you can consider the global industry. History has often shown that only the most adaptive survive.”

Dentacoin Team

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