Dentacoin Weekly Updates: July 6 – 13

Dear community,

Time for a quick recap of the week! Quick summary: Server-side bug fixing; 1141 new users registered on our tools; Dentacare iOS released; new wallet support; one interview and continuing development of Dentacoin wallet application!

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Starting with the biggest announcement – on Tuesday the 10th, the long-awaited iOS version of the Dentacare Health Training app was officially released, allowing our Apple users to be finally able to reap the benefits of learning how to take better care of their dental hygiene and be rewarded for their efforts along the way!

Moving on with some even more positive news – Eva Sadej, CEO of Floss Bar and Dentacoin network partner was interviewed by Cheddar about making dental hygiene more convenient. When asked about accepting Dentacoin, as a means of payment she had this to say:

“We also take Dentacoin which is a cryptocurrency. […] First, I thought it’s something bizarre. But this day I was open-minded and I listened. And I think actually it’s a great concept! About 200 patients have paid in Dentacoin.”

Dentacoin Team

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