First Dentist in Austria Starts Accepting Dentacoin (DCN): Dr. Peter Santoro

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Let’s kick-off this week with positive news: we have a new addition to our partner network – Dr. Peter Santoro, based in Innsbruck, Austria. Dr. Santoro proves his forward thinking by becoming the first Dentacoin dentist in Austria. “I opened a new clinic and want it to be young, stylish and modern. Accepting cryptocurrency is one way to do that,” shares Dr. Santoro and adds: “I’ve seen many cryptocurrencies rise and fall but I see that the (Dentacoin) developers are serious in what they do.

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Dr. Santoro’s practice is the twenty fourth dental practice in the global Dentacoin network, along with our other partners located in the USA, Australia, the UK, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Fiji, India.

Dentacoin Team

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