The sites below are what’s referred to as a High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP). They promise extraordinary returns (usually greater than 100% in a short amount of time).

These sites are likely fraudulent and will probably lose your deposits. Some of these sites are ran as a Ponzi scheme and a handful of investors do get paid, but the majority of them do not.
We will update this list as other sites are brought to our attention. If you know of any sites like this, please send us an email with any details so that we can add it to our list and warn others.
This site will claim that you have another wallet address active and that you must “upgrade” to remove that limitation. Steer clear of them:
Hello! System tells us another account xxxx uses same ip. This can be caused by VPN or another PC on your network. Similar accounts can not be deleted. You can solve this problem by upgrading BitMiner. Upgraded versions have no such limitations.
Date: 2017-12-25 00:35:58
They say they require a minimum of 500 satoshi for withdrawal.
I’ve had over that, and the web page always says Unknown Error when attempting to withdraw. Stay away from these guys.
They also run and which I would imagine run the same fraudulent game.

The BTC Generator
They say it requires a minimum of 10,000 satoshi and pays on Sunday’s if the minimum has been met.
I’ve had over 15,000 satoshi for the past 2 Sunday’s and have received nothing…don’t waste your time with these frauds.