Token holders get ready. EVN is scheduled to trade on Feb 9th on HitBTC

Tens of thousands of people from around the globe participated in the envion ICO and made it one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns of all time — but there are still investors who missed the ICO and have been waiting anxiously for EVN to hit the exchanges to buy their tokens.

The wait is over. EVN is announced to trade on HitBTC starting around Friday against BTC. HitBTC said, they will start listing EVN between Friday-Monday. Other exchanges also said, they would soon start the process of listing EVN token on their exchanges. We will announce any new exchanges as soon as we know.

Most envion investors are holders — they understand the value of our security token comes from the weekly dividends paid out to EVN holders from eligible mining operations: 100% of mining funded by the ICO or Proprietary Operations (PO), and receive 35% of envion‘s earnings from mining by third-party operations (TPO) where a customer invests for the MMU.

Investors who paid $.70 when the ICO opened got a discount, but so did everyone who bought at the end of the ICO. The $1 price is a discount for a token that is projected to pay 161% ROI year on year — even $1.61 is a discount and here’s why:

Paying $1.61 might be a fair price if envion had no Third Party Operations (TPO) and the buyer plans to give up their tokens after one year. Realistically, it’s a huge discount for anyone who takes into account the possible profits from TPO operations and who plans to hodl for longer than 1 year. The token contract is minimum 30 years after all.

You can see from the chart that the return for a 5-year hold for EVN is 13x if you sell for the same $1 you purchased for. If the sale price goes up, your return is even higher. If the ROI improves because BTC is worth more than the $8k we did our calculation with or TPO profits are added, then again the value to you as the token holder increases.

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